Little Fish, Big Pond

HF_Little Fish Big Pond-15.jpg

Despite my efforts, the vision I had created for this project didn’t translate to the photos. I realized the emotions I wanted to evoke and the discussions I hoped to prompt seemed lost. While editing, I stepped back. And in doing, I realized that these images spoke less to our existence in a vast world, but more to our individuality within the society that we live.

The bright salmon color pops against a dark backdrop, just as we try to find our light amidst the chaos and demands of everyday life. But coloring aside, the salmon in itself represents the daily obstacles each one of us face, and the steps we take to overcome them. While the salmon swims against the current—society’s expectations—we, too, go against what is considered the norm. In a time where everything around us seems so perfectly curated (my feed included), it’s often hard to find our own rhythm. So just as the salmon spends his life swimming upstream, we continue fighting to make a name for ourselves; we strive to do what we love.

Perhaps the journey to find our individual purpose and meaning in this life is the most beautiful photo of all.