For as long as I can remember, the conversation surrounding food—and the impact it can have—has been a constant. I am surrounded by discussions of sustainable food practices, using food to fuel my passion for cycling, understanding the journey and story behind every coffee bean. But in late 2016, those conversations took on new meeting: instead of simply discussing food’s impact, I wanted to show and display how it could be used to connect with those around me on a deeper level. The narrative I adopted asked people why they were drawn to certain dishes, what those meals represented to them, which emotions conjured.

In Humans And Food, I dive a bit deeper than everyday conversations regarding food. Through photography, I explore the intersection between food and the people who consume it. With this series, I hope to display food’s symbolism and it’s ability to be the common ground in polarizing times.


Breaking Bread


Little Fish, Big Pond

Peaceful Olive


Orange You Glad

Life Gives you lemons